Human Relations Commission



Created to encourage, promote and cause mutual understanding, sensitivity, awareness, and respect among all groups in the city and beyond, to prevent discrimination and disorder, and to give effect to the guarantee of equal rights for all assured by the constitution and the laws of this state and of the United States of America.

City Code of Ordinance
Policy and Procedure
Alleged Discrimination Complaint Form
Commission Meeting Minutes
Government Meeting Calendar

Regular Meetings

  • 5:30 p.m.
  • 4th Thursday of every month, except May
  • Grand Haven City Hall
    519 Washington Avenue
    Grand Haven MI 49417

Member Qualifications

Comprised of seven citizens of the city who have qualifications required by this charter for elective officers of the city; provided that, when the scope of interest of any board may extend beyond the limits of the city, one member of the board may be a nonresident. Seven additional  members who are not citizens of the City of Grand Haven may also be appointed. Such members shall not be voting members of the Commission and shall participate in an advisory capacity.

In addition, two students from the Grand Haven Senior High School shall be appointed upon the advice of the Senior High School principal and must reside within the Grand Haven Public School district. Representatives may serve successive terms until they graduate from Grand Haven Senior High School.

Term Length: 3 years for non-student members, 1 year for student members.


Voting Members (9)

Regular Members

  • Anne Baker
    Term Expires: June 30, 2024
  • Emmett Brown
    Term Expires: June 30, 2026
  • Keith Colson
    Term Expires: June 30, 2025
  • D. Wesley McGee
    Term Expires: June 30, 2025
  • Amber Mendiola-Suarez
    Term Expires: June 30, 2026
  • Jessica Robinson
    Term Expires: June 30, 2025
  • Andrew Villanueva
    Term Expires: June 30, 2024

Student Representatives (2 Voting Members)

  • Greta Fuller, Student Representative
    Term Expires: June 30, 2024
  • Sydney Kroll, Student Representative
    Term Expires: June 30, 2024

Non-Voting Members 

  • Brett Billedeau, Non-Voting
    Term: June 30, 2024

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