Police Services

“The department continues to strive for excellence and professionalism and this would not be possible without the hard working men and women of the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety.”


Lieutenant Ryan Enlow and Lieutenant Nichole Hudson command the Operations Division. The Operations Division is comprised of the Patrol unit and Code Enforcement unit.

Operations Supervisors

Lieutenant Ryan Enlow

Lieutenant Nichole Hudson


traffic stop 004Sergeant Josh Tomes

Sergeant Ashley Bergstrom

Sergeant Andy Cannon

Sergeant Todd DeVries

Police Services

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety provides police services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The agency responds to approximately 10,000 calls for service each year and participates in numerous special events providing traffic safety and crowd control/security. In addition to responding to police calls, officers are cross-trained as firefighters. As a result, they also respond to medicals and fires, which account for approximately 1,300 additional calls each year.

Road Patrol

One officer staffs the fire apparatus and the remaining officers work police/fire duties from their patrol vehicle within one of four (4) districts. There are a total of four (4) teams, two (2) day shifts and two (2) night shifts. Each shift is under the direct supervision of a sergeant.

The City of Grand Haven enjoys a low crime rate as a result of the department’s strong emphasis on crime deterrence through highly visible patrols including foot patrol and beach patrol as well as the routine bike patrol. An emphasis is also placed on education pertaining to crime prevention, traffic safety, drug and alcohol abuse, and child safety programs at all school levels and in presentations to business and civic organizations.

The Operations Division is the most visible arm of the Public Safety Department. The men and women of the Operations Division are seen daily behind the wheel of a marked police car responding to calls for assistance from the public, investigating traffic accidents, finding lost children and maintaining order and peace within the community.

They are the backbone of the Department and are our “front-line ambassadors” to the community. In large part, the quality of life in Grand Haven can be attributed to the commitment of these officers. The Operations Division provides 24 hour coverage, 365 days per year (including holidays) to ensure that the citizens of Grand Haven can live and work in a safe, secure and peaceful community.

Responsibilities of the Operations Division include responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, arresting offenders, conducting initial investigations and evidence gathering, investigating traffic crashes, maintaining proper traffic control and flow throughout the city and enforcing traffic laws and ordinances to encourage voluntary compliance with existing traffic laws and ordinances. Our officers are highly competent and perform these duties well. Department members are fully cross trained in firefighting and medical first responder duties as well.

Bicycle and Foot Patrols

PolicebicycleGHDPS continues to supplement its road patrol work force in the summer time when call volumes increase. Through the efforts of many trained officers, residents and visitors alike, are likely to see uniformed officers patrolling the downtown and waterfront areas on bicycles or on foot.

These types of patrols allow for quicker response in the event of heavy traffic or crowded areas. It also gives department members a greater opportunity to make personal contacts and interact with the public.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Unit consists of one Public Safety Officer. This position is shared between the Public Safety Department and the Planning Division. Currently Officer Todd DeVries is assigned to this position. Officer DeVries spends half of his week assisting the Building/Planning Division and the other half of his time is dedicated to working as a Public Safety Officer on road patrol.

For additional information on Code enforcement ordinances, please go to our Ordinance page.

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