Officer Scott Flahive Memorial Page

We remember

our friend.

Scott Anthony Flahive

December 13, 2018, marked the twenty-four year anniversary of Officer Scott Flahive’sflahive_pic
death. It is difficult to believe so many years have passed since our friend was senselessly taken from us. Scott was very happy and proud to serve the Community of Grand Haven and it certainly was an honor and a privilege to work with him. It is with heavy hearts that we remember the ultimate sacrifice he made. We miss Scott very much and we will never forget him.

Our Brother Has Been Taken

Our brother has been taken and gently laid to rest,
Fate seems so cruel at times to only take the best.
While those who care for no one, are left to walk life’s street,
Bringing less joy than sorrow, to those whose path they meet.
Our brother lives forever, if only in our minds,
He’ll never be forgotten, nor ever left behind.
He’ll stand before us always, as if to guide our way,
Through all our tasks and duties, awaiting us each day.
Our brother has been taken and though we wonder why,
We’ll still perform our duties, as days then weeks go by.
We’ll travel where fate leads, through days of dark or fair,
Until we stand for Roll Call, beside our brother there!
-Author unknown

“It is not how these officers died that made them heroes; it is how they lived.”

Serving our Country

Grand Haven Public Safety is proud to have a dedicated staff serving our community. Many of our members are involved in other community service organizations and find great enjoyment in serving others. This call for service is especially true in Officer Joseph Schulte. Officer Schulte is a member of the Army National Guard and has recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq.

Officer Schulte’s first deployment was in 2003 at which time he served one year in Iraq. He was again called to duty in the Fall of 2009 and was able to return in August 2010.

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