Fire Services

GHDPS provides various fire/life safety programs to assist businesses and our citizens. These include educational programs designed to prevent fires from occurring and annual fire inspections, which help to ensure a safe working environment. The risk of fire is also minimized through ensuring compliance with codes dealing with flammable, combustible and hazardous materials. A review of plans for new and existing buildings under construction or remodeling, also helps to ensure compliance with electrical and life safety codes. Follow-up inspections are conducted when violations of the Uniform Fire and Building Codes are noted.

We are diversifying more as our operations are called upon to respond to fires, hazardous materials spills, traffic accidents, ice and water rescues, medical aids and public service calls. Our goal is to provide the best level of service in a safe, fast and efficient manner.

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety continues in its efforts to provide effective, efficient fire services to the community. In doing so, we attempt to stay updated with information and equipment, as well as, firefighting and fire prevention strategies.

Fire Marshal

Terry Turkelson, Fire Marshal

Terry Turkelson is the Fire Marshal for GHDPS. Turkelson was promoted to the Fire Marshal position in 2022, and is responsible for conducting fire inspections, fire investigations, rental home inspections, maintaining Firefighter Right-to-Know data (as required by MIOSHA), SCBA maintenance, SCBA and gas mask fit testing and assisting in the training of the PSO Is. Turkelson also oversees the SARA Title III sites which are complexes storing dangerous chemicals including underground storage tanks.

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