Fire Services

Since 2004, a great deal of time and resources have gone into improving the city’s firefighting equipment and
firefighter protective equipment. The city invested in a new Sutphen Aerial Ladder (Ladder 941), a Medical Response Unit, a Mako air filling station to refill breathing air bottles, and a turnout gear washer. Personnel did their part by seeking capital equipment donations through private sources. To date personnel have secured a hand-held thermal imager and an all-terrain vehicle with a brush-fire unit on it. 

PicturefirefadeThe city also purchased new turnout gear (firefighting coat, pants, and boots) for all of its personnel. The turnout gear is state of the art and provides much greater thermal protection than our old turnout gear, which was up to 13 years old. We also took delivery of 17 new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) in 2007. These new SCBA are far more advanced than their predecessors. They have a heads up air level display so the officers know how much air they have left, a 60 minute air tank as opposed to a 30 minute air tank, an integrated PASS alarm that sounds if an officer is injured and unable to move and voice amplification making communication much easier and effective. The cost of the SCBA’s was $86,000.00 and the funding was secured in 2006 through a FEMA Grant.

GHDPS provides various fire/life safety programs to assist businesses and our citizens. These include educational programs designed to prevent fires from occurring and annual fire inspections, which help to ensure a safe working environment. The risk of fire is also minimized through ensuring compliance with codes dealing with flammable, combustible and hazardous materials. A review of plans for new and existing buildings under construction or remodeling, also helps to ensure compliance with electrical and life safety codes. Follow-up inspections are conducted when violations of the Uniform Fire and Building Codes are noted.

DSCF1158The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety purchased this $500,000 rescue/pumper truck. The truck is shorter than the city’s current pumper and better equipped. The truck was designed to be a first response truck for the department as well as a truck that can more easily respond to smaller grass and trash fires, and for vehicle accidents requiring extrication from vehicles.

We are diversifying more as our operations are called upon to respond to fires, hazardous materials spills, traffic accidents, ice and water rescues, medical aids and public service calls. Our goal is to provide the best level of service in a safe, fast and efficient manner.

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety continues in its efforts to provide effective, efficient fire services to the community. In doing so, we attempt to stay updated with information and equipment, as well as, firefighting and fire prevention strategies.

Fire Inspections

James Kibart, Fire Marshal/Inspector

Terry Turkelson, PSOI/Inspector


Mike VanHook, PSOIII/Inspector








Not Pictured: Matt Dilley, PSOI/Inspector

The Department of Public Safety conducts annual fire inspections for all commercial and industrial businesses within the City. Currently there are three members of the agency that are responsible for completing inspections. In addition to site visits, business owners have the opportunity to participate in self inspections.

If you have a question regarding a fire inspection please contact the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety during regular business hours, 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday at (616) 842-3460.

Click here for a self inspection form, or visit our forms and permits page.