Rix Robinson Park

Rix Robinson Park, located on the Grand River at the southest end of the US-31 bridge right next to the Grand Isle Marina, is named after Grand Haven’s original pioneer. It was built in 1967-68 by the Grand Haven Jaycees around a natural pond, and features a bridge and picnic tables.

Rix Robinson named Grand Haven in 1835. Though he drew up the original plat, Robinson purposely did not name any streets after himself, as did many of the early pioneers such as Ferry, Pennoyer, DeSpelder, and Griffin. For 130 years Robinson never had a street, school, public building, park, or anything else named after him to honor his legacy. It was for this reason that the park was named after Robinson, and Mayor Quebbeman made Robinson’s contributions to the Grand Haven area clear in his dedications at the opening of the park.

In the 1980s, high waters inundated the park and greatly limited its use. By the late 1990s the water level had receded and made the area once again active as a park. In 1994 the Lions Club adopted the park, restoring it and making improvements after the inundations and disuse in the late 80s and early 90s.

In 2001, the Grand Haven/Spring Lake bike and hiking path opened, which runs through Rix Robinson Park, again rejuvenating the park and giving it new purpose.

Source: In the Path of Destiny by David Seibold

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