New Business Notification

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The City of Grand Haven requires each NEW or RELOCATED business to notify the City of its plans.
Notifying the City has several benefits to the business owner, property owner, and the City.

Safety: By notifying the City, we can make sure that the building is up to code and safe for occupancy, is zoned for your planned use in case of liability, and notify the fire department of any structural or physical changes to the building in case of fire.

Communication: Unfortunately, we often become aware that a business has begun occupying a building after their investment has been made and before they understand what code changes may be necessary. By notifying the City, we are able to communicate with the business owner the codes they need to adhere to before the investment is made.

Investment: We understand that compliance with required Local and State Codes can have significant financial implications. However, codes are developed to protect health, safety and welfare of the community and its people. When work has been done without a permit it almost always results in additional costs to the owner. By notifying the City, we are able to make sure that no additional costs are required and that the job is completed correctly the first time.

Step 1: Notify the City of your business

Download and complete the New Business Notification form. If you do not have access to the internet or a printer, please contact the Department of Planning and Community Development (616)-847-3490, or stop by the department to get a paper copy.

Step 2: Contact the Department of Planning and Community Development


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the potential business fit the zoning district?
The following maps can be used to help you identify where certain types of businesses can be located within the City. The Zoning Administrator is available to assist you. NOTE: Not all business types are shown in specified maps.

Automobile Repair
Bed & Breakfast
Contractor’s Establishment
Eating & Drinking Establishment
Medical Office
Personal Service Establishment
Professional Service Establishment
Studio for the Performing and Graphic Arts
Tattoo & Piercing Parlor

Will your business create a change of use within the building or leased space?
Although the location may be zoned properly for your business, the use may be different from that of a previous tenant. In the event that the use is different, you must find out what conditions must be met to support that change of use.

Step 3: Contact the Department of Building and Inspection


Freqently Asked Questions

Does the occupancy of the building math with your potential business?
Check the current type and limit of the occupancy permit. You may need to apply for a new permit.

Are there any problems or violations with the potential building?
There may be violations or outstanding issues with the building that need be addressed.

Do you need any permits?
Any additions, remodels, or alterations to the building or use require a permit as well as any mechanical, electrical or signage changes.

Step 4: Once you have completed the above steps, the City will give you permission to open your business

Per Section 21-2 of the City of Grand Haven Code of Ordinance:

No person shall, directly or indirectly, operate, conduct, maintain or manage any business, trade, profession or occupation, whether or not a license is required by this Code, unless such person completes a onetime New Business Notification form, registering the business, trade, profession or occupation with the office of th e City Clerk. New Business Notification shall be made in accordance with such instructions as may be provided with an application which shall include the name and address of the new business, description of the business activity and business owner contact information (name, address and phone number).