Duncan Woods

Duncan Memorial Park, more commonly referred to as “Duncan Woods”, is approximately 40 acres of unspoiled virgin forest between Lake Forest Cemetery and Sheldon Road. This beautiful park includes numerous walking trails, as well as picnic tables near the parking area.

Robert Duncan came to Grand Haven in 1851 and established a law office on the second floor of the Henry Griffin Drug Store. Though the lumber industry was still in its infancy, Duncan was far-sighted enough to see that the area would soon be barren of all of it’s majestic old-growth trees. To save some of the trees for posterity, he purchased 50 acres of virgin forest which was at the time just outside of the village limits.

Glenn Eaton, a member of the first Duncan Park board, was appointed in 1954. He held the key to the gate on Lake Avenue and was considered its volunteer keeper, opening and closing it each day until the gate was permanently closed in 1973, making Sheldon Avenue the only entrance.

Source: In the Path of Destiny by David Seibold

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