Homebuyer Education

Increase your knowledge of the home buying and owning process. This 6 hour workshop will prepare you for successful home ownership as we discuss the following topics; Assessing your readiness to purchase, Managing Your Money, Understanding Credit, Getting a Mortgage Loan, Shopping for a Home and Keeping Your Home and Managing Your Finances.

“This class was extremely informative and beneficial, especially for first time homebuyers! The packet we received in the mail alone was worth the signup. These ladies are very thorough and they bring in people as resources to help answer any questions you may have. Definitely recommend!” said a recent workshop attendee.

Home Buying Tips

1. Only YOU can decide how much you feel comfortable spending on a home. Use this worksheet to help calculate an affordable amount.

2. Use a roadmap to help plan. If you would like help with any of these steps, including finding out your credit score, call us for a free one on one appointment.

3. A home inspection is your opportunity to learn about the structure you are buying. You should learn everything from the condition of the roof to where to find the main water shut off. To do this you need to hire a well-qualified home inspector. Here is what to ask before hiring anyone.

4. Being a good homeowner includes regular maintenance that can prevent costly problems. This worksheet identifies important maintenance areas.

For more information about this and much more, attend a monthly HBE workshop. Call our office for more information, 616-935-3270.

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