Building & Inspection

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Unit consists of one Public Safety Officer. Currently Officer Mike Williams is assigned to this position. Officer Williams spends half of his week doing Building/Zoning duties and the other half of his time is dedicated to working as a Public Safety Officer on road patrol.

For additional information on Code enforcement ordinances, please go to our Ordinance page. Officer Mike Williams can be reached at (616) 842-3460.

Fire Inspections

Matt Dilley, PSOI/Inspector
Markus Lidacis, PSOI/Inspector

The Department of Public Safety conducts annual fire inspections for all commercial and industrial businesses within the City. Currently there are three members of the agency that are responsible for completing inspections. In addition to site visits, business owners have the opportunity to participate in self inspections.
If you have a question regarding a fire inspection please contact the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety during regular business hours, 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday at (616) 842-3460.

Click here for a self-inspection form, or visit our forms and permits page.

Building Inspections

Tom Bruursema, Building Official

The Building and Inspection Division enforces the minimum standards for the protection of life, health, environment, public safety, and general welfare. The Building and Inspection division is responsible for building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing plan reviews and inspections.

The following permits are reviewed and issued: Building (remodeling, additions, siding, etc.), Electrical (new service and changing of service, etc.), Mechanical (furnace, A/C units, etc.), and Plumbing (new bathrooms, new fixtures, repiping, etc.) Please contact the Department at 616-842-3460 for additional information and fees.

Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide
Rental Housing Program

Pursuant to City Code of Ordinance Chapter 9 (Sections 201-204) all rental property and units thereof must be registered on an annual basis.

Forms & Permit Applications

Forms and permit applications are available on the forms and permits page. Please download/print the pdf file, complete, and return to the Department of Public Safety Building & Code Division.

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